Awesomeness and affirmations

You may have noticed that every so often I get motivated to do a positive and upbeat post. Yes, I know… you can count them on one hand. Usually (in those posts) I promise to be more of a glass half-full person and go away with my tail between my legs, only to return full of doom and gloom the very next day.

Captain James T. KirkOne of my favourite posts this year (and not really because of MY post, but because of its source), was my ‘Full of Awesome’ post. I know the A word can be a tad over-used from time to time and was once associated with skeggy blonde surfer dudes who’ve smoked away a few too many brain cells… but it’s a word I’ve come to love. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

And it’s all because of a 5yr old posing for the camera and oozing confidence – despite missing some front teeth, mismatched clothes and bright sunglasses – and her mother’s post reminding us that once upon a time we were all 5 yrs old and woke up every day ‘full of awesome’.

During my weekend blog reading, Big Girl Bombshell (yes, I know I quote her quite a bit….) talked about a package she received which included a WOW button, which I gather says ‘Wow, you look amazing!’ when you push it. BGB was so thrilled with her positive affirmation button that she was planning to take a leaf out of Operation Beautiful’s book and leave some anonymous notes, containing empowering messages, about the place for other women to find.

I must (at this point) confess that I tend to find the concept of positive affirmations a bit wanky. I am, for example, unlikely to chant… “I am a beautiful person and valued member of society” or similar, however… if I saw a “I am fucking awesome” post-it note on my mirror everyday, or left somewhere by a complete stranger, I may well smirk contentedly.

I’m not sure I’m ready to go about leaving notes to cheer up complete strangers (though I kinda like the concept)… however, in honour of our general awesomeness – no matter what other crap is going on around us – I thought I’d leave you with this little affirmation (below). Have a great day!



    • Ta…. Although… it’s C25k day today… so hope the awesomeness continues for that. (Week 2, run 3!)

    • Thanks Jules. As I’m sure you know SO many of your posts inspire me. I’m yet to spend much time reading your new blog. (It’s not you, it’s me!!!! Hee hee… no actually it’s all writing-related blogs. I ONLY used to read those blogs, but now have gotten into the dieting, fitness type ones and am COMPLETELY ignoring everything else. I obviously need some assistance on the ‘balance’ front. I suspect part of it is that I’m not sure what sort of blog I want to write. Well… I do, just funny life day to day stuff I think – but not sure how to transition what I have over).

      On the post, I was hoping I didn’t come across too anti-affirmations cos I think it’s more about finding out what works for you. I am an eye-roll kinda gal, so something that makes me smile ‘knowingly’ rather than empowers me is probably better. (If that makes sense!)


  1. Hi Deb! I *love!* the Captain Kirk poster! I have those days sometimes and don’t think the word “awesome” can be used enough! Thanks for the lovely compliment, btw. I tried to reply on my blog, but I can’t for some reason.

    🙂 Marion

    • You’re welcome re the compliment. I wasn’t sure I’d seen the picture before. So many Twitter avatars etc are changing with new Christmas party photos it’s hard to keep track! I am better at noticing if something’s ‘changed’ or doesn’t quite look right!

      I’ve used the Captain Kirk picture before, but love it also I couldn’t help but use it again. (He looks so fresh-faced in that picture!)

      • Did you ever see William Shatner in the t.v. show Boston Legal as Denny Crane–it’s just blinding awesomeness in that character!!!!

        🙂 Marion

      • I’ve actually only seen bits of it, but have always meant to borrow it as it always got such great reviews! I think I saw a couple of later episodes when Candice Bergen joined.

  2. Hahahaha! Love it.
    You are packed full of awesome and I love it when you unleash it 😉
    I am going to try to be the 5 year old me beaming with awesome today!

    • Hope it works…. A lethargic start to the day, but a busy one ahead so we’ll need to be packed with awesome to get through it!

  3. There’s actually a book called “The Book of Awesome”. I’ve read it and it is…well, … AWESOME! It is good to every now and then think of those times (or things) that make us feel so good. I’m probably never going to leave myself a post-it on the mirror either, but thanks for the reminder to think about some of the things that make me awesome today!

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